Lisa's Dog Walking Services
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Hear what my clients have to say about Lisa's Dog Walking Services:

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Hi Lisa,
I would definately recommend you to anyone that is looking for a dog walker.  You are great at what you do and I truely believe that you have a gift when it comes to animals!  My dog never likes anyone but she loves you.  You have a very big heart and that's what I love about you.

A card from Tracy & Dayton

Hey Lisa,
You have been a lifesaver to us!  I love that you are always available on short notice and you are always on time.

Thank you so much,

We have been so happy with Lisa's dog walking services. Our dogs seem happier ever since we hired Lisa. They don't look sad when we get home from work anymore. Alot of times they look wore out from playing so much. You know what they say a tired dog is a happy dog. We are so glad we decided to spend some extra money to hire her. It has been well worth it to see our dogs happy and no longer lonely all day! It is money well spent to keep our dogs happy and to get the excercise they so desperately want. And I just love the doggy report cards!  It's so thoughtfull of her to do that for free.  Thanks a million Lisa!

Hello Lisa,
I love how dependable you are!  I can always count on you and you are very trustworthy.  I never have to worry that you will hurt my dog or steal anything from my home.  There should be more people in this world like you!  I think the services you provide are great. 

Dear Lisa,
You are a lifesaver! I would definetly use you again and recommend you to anyone that is in need of a dog walker/pet sitter! I can't thank you enough for being so sweet and loving to my baby. 


Lisa is a true dog lover. She really did treat my dog as if he was one of her own. She is very loving and has a gift when it comes to dogs. My dog usually has a hard time getting use to strangers but he just loved Lisa. I think she is very dependable and she is always available when I need her on short notice. I would recommend her to everyone.

Lisa has been a blessing to us! She is very good with animals and my furbabies just love her. If you are looking for someone to care for your pets, choose her and you won't regret it, I promise! The thing I love is that she is always available when I need her, even on short notice.  Woof Woof, Tracy

The services that Lisa provides are great! We can't thank her enough for the great job she has done with our dog and I just love the doggy report cards that she provides for free. I'm so glad we found her because she has been a blessing to our family. It's nice to know that while were at work our dog is able to go for a walk and use the bathroom and I'm so glad that she provides the pet taxi. I no longer have to miss a day of work to bring my dog to the groomer or the vet.

Dear Lisa,
We can never thank you enough for loving & patiently caring for our babies, Red, Bo & Buddy.  We are truely blessed to have met you & will never forget your kindness & your passion for animals.  I believe you will change the world in some way with this great passion! 

All our love & thanks,
Tracy & Dayton

Thanks so much, Lisa.You really saved my father's house from being destroyed.  LOL.  You offer a great service, and I'd gladly recommend you to anyone. I loved the little daily reports of the walks. Nice touch. :)Jason

Thank you, Lisa.
It turns out that I didn't have internet access this weekend, but it looks like Ikey had a great time. I felt so good leaving him in your care, and you really did a great job. I'll keep your information for next time, and recommend you to any friends who need pet sitting or dog walking services.
Thanks again,

A card from Andrew Benicola's puppy Roux

Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much for taking on my babies on such short notice, and 
doing such an amazing job. I had just found your site the night 
before and thought, "How nice to have people out there who really 
love animals, and their job." I didn't realize I'd be needing you so 
soon! Family emergencies are like that, tho, and you came over the 
same day I called you to meet us. Mojo (my dog-baby) took to you 
right away, smiling his silly little grin. Although you didn't sell 
yourself as a cat-sitter, you did an amazing job with my girls, too. 
I didn't worry for a second about leaving you with my kids, or a key 
to my house. It was such a relief to know that while I had to care 
for my human family away from home, my pet family would be safe AT 
home - you'll never know how nice it is to have that load off my 
mind, being able to let my babies stay in the comfort of their own 
house. Being able to see them in the pictures you emailed me was such 
a bonus, I knew they were happy every day I was away. And the report 
cards were so sweet! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, 
I never worried about my babies or my valuables and would ask you to 
sit for us again without hesitation.

Thanks again!
Lauri Hengl, mom of Mojo, Maizi and Mira